The lessons for the youngest are specifically prepared. Our instructors act with redoubled supervision and safety, and they have long experience teaching children.
Lessons include firstly a warm-up with fun games, resulting in greater engagement of the youngest in this activity. Lessons for the little ones and for the adults are separate, but in a way that allows the whole family to enjoy the classes on the same day.



Meet us at the beach or make use of the transfer service by catching one of the school buses. If you’re located between Lagos and Sagres, the buses can pick you up at your hotel or other accommodation for a surfing day. This is a fun and affordable way to live an unforgettable experience, and learning how to surf.



Ideal for those who prefer having an instructor all to themselves or just their family and friends. This kind of lessons allows better profit for you, and for your family and friends. More effective results, customized training and faster progression.

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