Come and have fun with an experience for the whole family, and also for friends. The friendliness and support of our crew will provide you with a simple yet fun experience. Even if you never went fishing before, we have fishing programs for beginners and professionals. Always with an expert crew on board.



Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in fishing the traditional way, in which you use… hand-lines. It’s an activity for the whole family. Total fun for the children. The species most abundant and easy to catch is the Mackerel.
Minimum occupation: 4 fishermen
Maximum occupation: 8 fishermen
Duration: 2h30



If you already have some fishing experience, bottom fishing in one of the best fishing grounds off the coast of Sagres would be the perfect choice.
But if you’re planning to go fishing for the first time, you can do it with the support of our crew, and you don’t even have to worry about gear or bait.
The boat is anchored in one of the best coastal fishing grounds, where you will have the chance to catch a large variety of species, such as Sargos, Snappers, Two-banded seabrams, and others.
Minimum occupation: 4 fishermen
Maximum occupation: 8 fishermen
Duration: 4h00 /4h30



There is deep concern for the uncertain future of our seas and of the most majestic animals that comprise sea life – the Sharks – due to overfishing , and the destruction of habitats taking place all over the world.
To avoid adding to the decline of shark species populations in the Algarve, we promote the “tag and release” method of shark fishing. This means that all captured specimens are returned alive to their natural environment. There will be time for you to take a photo.

And why do we do that?
Because sharks take quite a long time to reach sexual maturity, they need to attain at least 2.5 meters so they can breed. Removing these specimens from the ecosystem would carry a huge negative impact on the marine environment. They are predators that keep the balance, and the functioning of life cycles.
– Through this way, we wish to assist in the research (shark tagging and data gathering)
– We want to be a part of the protection and preservation of sharks in Portugal, supporting and implementing the tagging programs for these animals.

Through our partnership with the Portuguese Association for the Study and Conservation of Elasmobranchs (, who opened its doors to us and provided the logistics for us to start an important contribution to the increase of vital information about these animals. Our sincerest thanks to all who made that happen.
The species more frequently spotted in Sagres are: the Blue shark (also known in Portuguese as Tintureira), the Mako shark and the Hammerhead shark.
Minimum occupation:
Maximum occupation:
Duration: 5h

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