What we do…

Our motto is “to feed the soul!”
Watch, learn, understand, dream, talk, fraternize, and ultimately grow through new experiences.
For all this, we offer several services meant to provide our clients with a pleasant experience.

1. We plan
We plan itineraries and experiences to the expectations of our clients. Tell us your dream trip and we help you to realize it.
2. We organize
We organize trips and adventures in solitary, family or group so that you can enjoy your rest days to the fullest.
3. We accompany
We follow up, when necessary or requested, of our clients to ensure maximum safety and satisfaction in their experiences.


To experience the distance and lack of shelter so he can feel good under his own roof.

- Amir Klink -


We help you make the most of your vacation.
To do so, we propose varied programs that include activities enriching and full of emotion!

Need help planning your vacations?

Come discover Portugal and the world with Portugal Soul.
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Understanding how other peoples live makes us better persons.

- Amir Klink -

Did you know…

Especially well situated geographically, with a long coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, which strongly influences the mild climate we have all year round, Portugal is a very diversified country in its offer. We can find? From north to south of everything a little – mountain, countryside, beach, city … Portugal awaits you!

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Rest, sleep very well! There is a huge range of accommodation offerings such as hotels, apartments, hostels, rural tourism, local accommodation and campsites. Choose whether you sleep in a castle, a farmhouse, a surfcamp, a hotel, a convent or a village house … dream the way you choose … but dream big!

Tailor made itineraries

The tourist offer in Portugal is rich in its various aspects: history, archeology, geology, gastronomy, ethnography, culture and our hospitality – in the art of welcome!

You can visit Portugal on foot, by bike, motorbike, car / jeep, bus, train and even donkey! As well as still experience a flight by plane, balloon or paragliding. And how about a boat trip to explore part of the Portuguese coast?

Surfing, diving, paddle, fishing and windsurfing are just some of the activities that are available to lovers of the sea and water sports.

Do you want to spend unforgettable days in Portugal? Contact us today and let yourself be surprised by the experiences and programs we have prepared for small and great adventurers! Be one… Come discover Portugal – and the world – with us.

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“My world is not like the worlds of others; I want more, demand more; there is within me a thirst for infinity, a constant distress that I don’t even understand, for I am far from being a pessimist; what I am is exhilarated, with a soul full of intensity, violence, torment; a soul that never feels right wherever it is, a soul that longs… for who knows what!”

- Florbela Espanca -