A land of people and tradition that remain original as centuries go by, through their culture and habits as wells as the art of entertaining that oozes and envelops you. The houses are white on the heart of the plains, which are golden in the summer, lush green during the colder months, always sporting different colours, but also equally stunning. In Alentejo, you breathe history, amidst the castles and churches, dolmens and necropolises, ruins and roman towns…

We invite you to try our gastronomy, for the richness and variety of traditional dishes, such as dogfish soup, the migas (a bread based dish), the gaspacho, the several pork or lamb dishes, obviously paired with fine wine from Alentejo. But let’s not stop here; give in to the temptation of pastry and sweets from Alentejo, such as the sericaia, the fidalgo cake, the queijadas (cheese pastries), and the conventual sweets. The Alentejo is not just a plain with fields stretching as far as the eye can see, it has a lot more to offer, and for all kinds of preferences: stunning beaches, tidal lagoons, hills, nature watching parks, a range of sports choices such as karts, ATB, and jeep rides.

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